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"The passion for collecting, while igniting and satisfying your heart's desire, you engage in maintaining a piece of history that is all your own."

has been serving the world community since 1996 and as the Collector's Gallery since 1992.  We specialize in Hollywood and pop culture memorabilia, having sold some of the most desirable and coveted pieces of celebrity memorabilia.

Conducting major auctions, private sales a
nd consulting - has assisted hundreds of clients with their collectible investments and finding their heart's desires. 


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We have been the leading authority in Bruce Lee memorabilia for decades. With our niche market in authentic Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, has offered some of the most coveted personal items from another Hollywood icon. owner, Heather Holmberg, has appeared on numerous television shows, cable networks and international media outlets discussing the high-end memorabilia business.

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 to assist you! is part of the Tipped Hat Entertainment family of entertainment, film, TV and memorabilia collection of businesses. 

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